CX-Series Hybrid - UL 1277 Tray Cables


  • Used for power and control circuits that require both power conductors and fiber optic communication links
  • Hybrid fiber/copper cables as described in NEC Article 336 Power and Control Tray Cable Type TC-OF
  • Type TC-OF-ER cable can transition from a cable tray to the equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Corrugated copper shielding is available
  • Type TC-OF-ER cable is also approved for use between the cable tray and equipment when installed to NEC 336.10(7)
  • 600V rating for 90°C dry and wet locations
  • Cable constructed of copper conductors, fiber optical components, flame retardant fillers and tape wrap
  • Bare grounding conductor for TC–ER cables
  • Individual conductors are Type THHN and THWN-2 and can be AWG 10 to AWG 14
  • Sunlight resistant jacket for continuous sunlight exposure performance
  • UL 1685 Vertical Flame Test performance (70,000 BTU/hr)
  • The fiber optic components can vary from individual to multi-fiber subunits as determined by the construction, which includes the number of fibers, number of conductors and the conductor size
  • For fiber type options, see Fiber Performance Chart.
  • Many fiber count options available
  • Incorporating fiber optic elements into the power cable provides protection for the optical fibers and reduced installation costs by installing one cable in the place of several individual cables

OCC indoor/outdoor tight-buffered fiber optic cables meet the functional requirements of the
following standards:

  • UL 1277
  • UL 1685 Vertical Flame Test
  • UL 83 – THHN and THWN-2 conductors
  • NEC – NFPA 70 Section 336