19″ Freestanding Cabinets

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

With OCC's complete line of freestanding cabinets, customers can provide seamless, upscale integration for any size network installation. This cabinet line offers a broad variety of solutions to fit any system application and the finest quality workmanship with the flexibility to meet any infrastructure demand.


  • Four mounting rails
  • Vented top with three 3" diameter cable-entry points
  • Quick-release locking, vented sides
  • Smoked Plexiglas® locking front door
  • Solid steel, locking, vented rear door
  • Leveling feet standard; locking casters optional
  • Includes #12–24 pilot-point combo-head screws


Download Drawing
Part NumberDescriptionDimensionsLoad RatingRUShip WeightPDFDWG/ZIP 
CC120319" Freestanding Cabinet, Black24"H x 25"W x 24"D240 lbs1290 lbs Download Download
CC180319" Freestanding Cabinet, Black36"H x 25"W x 24"D360 lbs18115 lbs Download Download
CC240319" Freestanding Cabinet, Black48"H x 25"W x 24"D480 lbs24130 lbs Download Download
CC240419" Freestanding Cabinet, Black48"H x 25"W x 32"D480 lbs24130 lbs Download Download
CC300319" Freestanding Cabinet, Black60"H x 25"W x 24"D600 lbs30150 lbs Download Download
CC380319" Freestanding Cabinet, Black72"H x 25"W x 24"D760 lbs38165 lbs Download Download
CC380419" Freestanding Cabinet, Black72"H x 25"W x 32"D760 lbs38195 lbs Download Download
CC380719" Freestanding Server Cabinet, Black72"H x 25"W x 36"D760 lbs38230 lbs Download Download
CC450319" Freestanding Cabinet, Black84"H x 25"W x 24"D900 lbs45215 lbs Download Download
CC450419" Freestanding Cabinet, Black84"H x 25"W x 32"D900 lbs45220 lbs Download Download
CC450719" Freestanding Server Cabinet, Black84"H x 25"W x 36"D900 lbs45240 lbs Download Download
Heavy duty caster (set of 4) may be purchased separately, use part # 9171-HD.

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