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OCC's MARS meets the challenges of today's harsh environment applications by offering an integrated solution to clean and maintain multi-channel cylindrical fiber optic connectors in the field.  MARS can be provisioned with a variety of cleaning kits that correspond to popular conector styles, including MIL-DTL-83526, MIL-PRF-28876, NAVSEA Pierside, MIL-C-83526 (TFOCA), F-LINK, and TFOCA-II.  Cleaning Kits and Restoration Kits are available for 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 and 24-channel style connectors.


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Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
K2000-KAC00xCleaning kit for 4 & 12CH M83526 connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KBC00xCleaning kit for Expanded Beam connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KEC00xCleaning kit for 4 & 12CH EZ-MATE connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KFC00xCleaning kit for F-LINK connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KHC00xCleaning kit for hermaphroditic or SMPTE connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KJC00xCleaning kit for 6 & 24CH EZ-MATE connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KNC00xCleaning kit for M28876 connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KPC00xCleaning kit for NAVSEA Pierside connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KQC00xCleaning kit for 2.5mm ferrules n/a n/a
K2000-KSC00xCleaning kit for 1.6 - 2.0mm ferrules n/a n/a
K2000-KTC00xCleaning kit for 2CH TFOCA connectors n/a n/a
K2000-KUC00xCleaning kit for 1.25mm ferrules n/a n/a
K2000-KWC00xCleaning kit for MHC II 4 & 8CH connectors n/a n/a
Replace "x" with a "1" for 100 meter reels and a "2" for all other reels.

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