Pre-terminated Procyon® Copper Cable Assembly

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

The Procyon copper system by OCC is designed for high-density copper connectivity in the data center, and to be interchangeable with the fiber panels for maximum flexibility for the end user. Each copper module provides 48 Cat 6A ports in a single bay. The copper panel mates with 12 pre-terminated high-density copper cable assemblies, each providing cabling for four RJ45 ports under a single wrap. OCC's rugged and shielded cable assembly allows for fast installation of high-speed copper inter-connects. An easy-to-remove metal pulling eye is incorporated to aid in cable installation.


  • Used with fiber panel for server/storage cabinets
  • Used with vertical panel chassis for switching cabinets
  • Cat 6A performance for IEEE 10GBASE-T and higher data rates
  • IEEE 10GBASE-T Ethernet compliant


  • Four 4-pair cables are pre-terminated at the specified length and ready to install
  • TIA Cat 6A performance for the highest bandwidth requirements
  • Metal pulling eye protects the connector mating interface during installation
  • Mates with OCC copper modules
  • Designed with individually shielded pair cables in mind, the high-density copper cable connector is compatible with UTP, F/UTP, and S/FTP cables in Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A and Cat 7A configurations


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Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
PROC6A16SFTP-xxxProcyon copper cable assembly with pulling eye Download Download
Replace "xxx" with length in feet

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