Quad Box Pre-Terminated Cable Assemblies

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OCC's Quad Box cabling solution is a 4-channel pre-terminated system that allows rapid deployment of high performance plug-and-play cabling infrastructure in data centers and other environments requiring minimal installation time. Quad Box cable assemblies are available in Cat6A shielded and Cat6 and Cat5e unshielded configurations. The unique housing construction utilizes the OCC KMJ series jacks. The quad housing includes a protective cover with integrated pulling eye and label field. All OCC Quad Box cable assemblies are factory terminated and tested with guaranteed reliability and performance compliance. The Cat6A Quad Box solution also meets alien crosstalk performance requirements, providing out-of-the-box support for 10Gigabit Ethernet and other high-bandwidth applications.


  • Mission Critical and Enterprise Data Centers
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Zone Distribution
  • Colocation facilities
  • Campus environments
  • Any application requiring quick termination and little downtime


  • The 2X2 construction along with a tapered Pulling Eye Cover reduces overall size of housing, making it easier to pull through pathways
  • 4-port module matches port increments in active gear
  • Allows for rapid deployment, reducing implementation time and downtime
  • Assembly options allow for multiple network configurations, including Data Center Permanent Link, Zone Distribution, and Cross Connect
  • Labeling options consistent with 606 Administration standard
  • Panel mounting options for both rear and front access
  • Cabling is installed in minutes instead of hours
  • Channel compliance is assured without the need for extensive testing and verification
  • The 4X port counts integrate with many 10GBASE-T servers and switches


  • Construction options include:
    • Cat5e, Cat6 (UTP), and Cat 6A (F/UTP); each cable option is available in both CMR and CMP
  • Assembly Options Include:
    • Quad Box-to-Quad Box for creating a permanent link between network devices
    • Quad Box-to-Blunt for discreet IDC termination to another panel


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Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
AQB24Quad box patch panel, 24-port, accommodates 6-quad box snap-in pre-terminated cable assemblies Download Download


Construction Considerations: Construction options include: Category 6 (UTP) and Category 6A (U/FTP). Each cable option is available in both CMR and CMP. Assembly Options Include: • Quad Box-Quad Box for creating a permanent link between network devices • Quad Box-Open for discreet IDC termination to another panel

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