WTC Cabinets – Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION
  • Available in 600-series (WTC6/12) and HD (WTC8/16HD) configurations
  • WTC6/12 enclosures accept OCC standard 600 series adapter plates and cassettes
  • WTC8/16 HD enclosures accept HD adapter plates for high-density applications (33% more port capacity than 600-series)
  • External strain relief brackets reduces fiber stress and provide support for proper cable bends and efficient cable management
  • WTC6/12 and WTC8/16HD enclosures accept optional stackable cassette brackets
  • Numerous internal locations to secure slack cable
  • Optional lockable inner door is removable and may also be used as work surface
  • WTC6/8 enclosures: 17”W x 16.3”H x 5”D
  • WTC12/16 enclosures: 18.5”W x 18”H x 6”D


Download Drawing(s)
Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
WTC6APBEnclosure Download Download
WTC6APBDEnclosure with lockable inner door Download Download
WTC8HDAPBEnclosure Download Download
WTC8HDAPBDEnclosure with lockable inner door Download Download
WTC12APBEnclosure Download Download
WTC12APBDEnclosure with lockable inner door Download Download
WTC16HDAPBEnclosure Download Download
WTC16HDAPBDEnclosure with lockable inner door Download Download
WTC6/8LDInner Door Download Download
WTC12/16LDInner Door Download Download

Instruction Sheets

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