Procyon® Blade™ In-line Splice Modules


OCC’s Procyon Blade is the newest addition to the Procyon product family of high-density network solutions. Designed to provide superior organization, accessibility, and density, the Blade system enclosures and in-line splice modules maintain the highest optical performance over the longest runs, making it ideal for multiple building network configurations. This reliable
and reconfigurable system is inherently suited for multi-building complexes such as hospitals, corporate centers, government facilities and universities and supports the increasing growth for future applications.

Features & Benefits

• Maintains superior connections for inter- and intra-building cable runs. OCC’s Procyon Blade connectivity and cabling system is based around a splicing-centric installation architecture. By decreasing the number of physical connections, the Blade solution minimizes signal loss typically associated with multiple terminations and improves signal integrity with reduced back reflection. This makes the system well suited to longer runs, such as between buildings on a campus.
• Simple access for easy installations. Blade enclosures are designed for easy access to subgroup cables with Blade in-line splice modules. OCC’s patent-pending in-line splice modules have“blade-like” attributes that allow them to be accessed from either the front or rear of the enclosure. This unique feature minimizes the risk of disturbing co-located, adjacent subgroups and makes moves, adds and changes much simpler. Dedicated slack storage and splicing for each subgroup cable eliminates the inherent tangle and disorder associated with conventional transition and splice tray installations.
• Versatile configurations for maximum density. The Blade enclosures are available in three rack mount versions (2RU, 3RU, and 4RU) and two wall mount options, as well as a variety of adapter plate options. By utilizing any Blade enclosure with its revolutionary in-line splice modules, providing high-density connections is only multiplied by the variety of ways you can configure them.
• A singular source for a full solution. Combined with OCC’s HC- and HD-Series cables, the Blade solution can provide a complete connectivity and cabling infrastructure for campus and multi-building networks. The Blade enclosures are designed to service 12-fiber subgroup trunk cables such as the OCC HC- and HD-Series cables. HC-Series cables have an outer diameter much smaller than conventional cables and have exceptional mechanical and environmental performance while maintaining a high-duct efficiency, ideal for long inter-building runs. HD-Series cables are lightweight and are exceptional in tight bends, perfect for trunk, LAN or data center applications. Together with OCC’s Blade enclosures and in-line splice modules, this full solution provides a single source for an organized, accessible and dense network system.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to service (1)12-fiber subgroup cable per side.
  • Each in-line splice module includes splice tray(s) and populated adapter plate as ordered.
  • Each in-line splice module includes a slack storage area capable of storing several meters of slack subgroup cable.
  • Splice trays include a patented “quick strap” splice protection sleeve holder designed for higher density and quicker installations.
  • Clear tray covers allow for quick and easy visual inspection of fiber optic splices.
  • Blue felt adhesive strips, Velcro strips and cable ties are included for securing fibers and cable.
  • In-line splice modules may be pre-loaded with pigtails. Contact OCC for ordering information.


  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Data Center and Processing Networks
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Any high-density splicing application