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Discover how some of the top healthcare, higher education, and business organizations in the world have adopted OCC’s Enterprise Solutions. Explore the superiorities of OCC’s extensive fiber and copper connectivity product line--designed specifically for the growing needs, requirements, and mission-critical reliability for the enterprise network cabling infrastructures.

Providing flexibility in network design.

OCC offers one of the largest network product portfolios in the industry. More choices and options in end-to-end fiber and copper cabling and connectivity products means more innovative enterprise solutions—providing the freedom for customized design builds that best meet your network cabling requirements.

At OCC, we specialize in making installations faster and easier, while being one of the best network cabling manufacturers to offer extensively both harsh and controlled environment solutions to precisely serve every area of your network. Our new product innovations are designed to create a high-performance network with installation ease and lifetime value.

Accessible data center connections including fiber optic cable, copper cable and more.

High density has become all-important to the Data Center industry.  But if accessing the connections results in more labor and more problems, high density may not be the only answer. OCC customers count on us to solve problems like these. That’s why our solutions and products feature more accessible connections, streamlining the process and giving you the reliability and efficiency you need.

How did we do it? We listened.

Thanks to feedback from IT professionals, data center installers and structured cable professionals, our engineers have designed around what works and what doesn’t work. And we’re proud of the results.  We offer the best in data center solutions --  from power distribution to cable management to thermal cooling. We’ve also developed a new generation of structured cabling products that provide exceptional answers to your everyday challenges and needs, such as high-density in smaller spaces, exceptional accessibility and easy installation, ability to make adds and changes with little downtime, integrated cable management features, unfettered access to individual ports, improved reliability (from better circulation of air), reduced maintenance costs and downtime (from easier access), greater capacity with an equal or smaller footprint than competitors (greater efficiency and profitability), and best of all,  it’s future proofed (fiber solutions configured for 10G now that are easily upgraded to 40G/100G in the future by replacing one cassette at a time as the need arises).

OCC's Enterprise Solutions Include:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable
  • Assembly & Data Center Fiber Optic Cable
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity
  • Copper Cable
  • Copper Connectivity
  • Workstation Products
  • Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures


OCC Solutions for Commercial/Enterprise Needs

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