Everything you need from IPTVE/CCTV/CATV networks to SCADA systems and more.

OCC delivers products and solutions that boost reliability, performance, and efficiency for onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration and production. There is no industry today that is more demanding than oil and gas. The challenges of drilling in extreme cold or scorching heat, while simultaneously striving to drill deeper than ever before, leads to environments that only the most rugged products can survive. OCC solutions sustain end-to-end systems capable of DCS/PLC automation/control architectures, SCADA systems, IPTV/CCTV/CATV networks, and many other applications in any drilling environment.

Communication You Can Count On.

The challenges of the industry are many. The need to modernize aging communication infrastructures. Equipment must be 100 percent reliable. Solutions need to withstand the demands of harsh oil and gas environments. All while cutting costs and maintaining safety protocols. No one understands severe environments better than OCC. Our solutions for oil and gas applications provide consistent communication architectures based on the most reliable products that boost availability and performance throughout the entire life cycle of an asset.

OCC’s oil and gas solutions provide a robust communications network for the unique challenges of this industry. Designed to withstand unforgiving environments, OCC’s products are capable of delivering reliable performance for today’s upstream, midstream, and downstream application challenges.


  • SCADA (for pipeline control and monitoring, and wellhead automation)
  • CCTV and physical security
  • LAN/WAN communication infrastructures for shore-to-platform and inter-platform connections
  • Offshore rig automation
  • Land-based rig automation
  • Communication systems
  • GEO systems
  • Safety monitoring systems
  • DCS/PLC automation/control systems
  • Satellite uplink networks

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