F-LINK™ Cable Assemblies 33 CH

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OCC’s F-LINK™ is a versatile and unique connectivity component family. Born out of the proven performance of mil-spec cylindrical components, the F-LINK interconnect system is a cost-effective solution for commercial, industrial, and military applications. F-LINK is a comprehensive family of connector components designed to solve a multitude of fiber optic applications, as well as enable the emerging trends and technological advances toward hybrid interconnection that combines fiber optic and electrical power within one connector.


  • Access Control Systems
  • Airports
  • Auto and Storage Lots
  • Bridges
  • CCTV Video Surveillance
  • Commercial Aerospace
  • Distribution Pipelines
  • Electronic Battlefield Networks
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • Freight Handling Facilities
  • Government Installations
  • HD Broadcast Systems
  • HDTV Deployable Systems
  • Highways and Traffic Intersections
  • Intrusion Alarm Systems
  • Military Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Mission critical combat and communications systems
  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • NASA Shuttle Launch Pad
  • Nuclear Facilities
  • Oil, Gas, and Geosciences industries
  • Perimeter Intrusion Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Prisons
  • Public Transit Corridors
  • Remote Communications Towers
  • Steam Turbine Fiber Optic Sensing
  • Traffic Signaling
  • US Navy shipboard submarine
  • Utility Substations
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Well Completion


  • Designed for hybrid interconnections. F-LINK can be provisioned for fiber optic only applications or hybrid fiber optic and electrical power connections in one connector. Female gender plugs or receptacles insulate from electrical shock while interfacial seals protect pin contacts for arcing. Any combination of fiber optic or electrical channel counts can be provisioned into plugs or receptacles.
  • Versatile configurations. The interchangeable pin/socket insert caps allow F-LINK to be provisioned into either male or female plug or receptacle components, eliminating the need to stock multiple components. The retractable backshell system is common to both fiber optic and composite/hybrid cable systems, and eases terminations by allowing the extension and retraction of the inner cable retention system.
  • Outstanding environmental protection. F-LINK has the proven performance of mil-spec cylindrical-style components designed for extended operation in harsh environments. Protective sealing features, along with advanced materials, enable F-LINK components to operate across a wide temperature and humidity range in high-vibration and/or corrosive environments. Four sealing surfaces, including the insert cap, insert body, plug and receptacle body and rear cable seal, provide exceptional IP-68 compliance when mated together.
  • F-LINK offers a wide variety of connector configurations, backshells and accessories, and is available in three shell sizes that accommodate up to 33 channels. Any combination of fiber optic or electrical channel counts can be configured into plugs or receptacles.


Part Number Description  
HJA-x-yy-ww-A110z 33CH - F-Link Plug, Male with Straight Backshell
HJB-x-yy-ww-A110z 33CH - F-Link Plug, Female with Straight Backshell
HJC-x-yy-ww-A100N 33CH - F-Link In-line Receptacle, Male
HJD-x-yy-ww-A100N 33CH - F-Link In-line Receptacle, Female
HJE-x-yy-ww-A100N 33CH - F-Link Panel Mount Receptacle, Male
HJF-x-yy-ww-A100N 33CH - F-Link Panel Mount Receptacle, Female
HJG-x-yy-ww-A100N 33CH - F-Link Jam Nut Receptacle, Male
HJH-x-yy-ww-A100N 33CH - F-Link Jam Nut Receptacle, Female
TP2042DD01 F-Link Fiber Optic Termini, Genderless, 1.25mm Ferrule
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