MHC®-T2 Cable Assemblies

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OCC’s mini hermaphroditic connector, or MHC®-T2, is an amazingly rugged, yet remarkably small connector suitable for industrial and harsh environments. Designed for quick and easy connections, the genderless mating of the MHC®-T2 connector provides a multitude of options for 2, 4, 6, and 8 channels. These mini hermaphroditic connectors work equally well for both fiber optic and fiber optic/electro hybrid configurations. Where repeatable performance is critical, the MHC®-T2 provides reliable optical achievement and trusted environmental and mechanical capabilities.


  • Voice/data/video in harsh environments
  • Deployed broadcast systems
  • Remote monitoring sites
  • Robotic arms and robot devices
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Military applications


  • SMALL SIZE AND BIG RUGGEDNESS. The MHC®-T2’s compact footprint and ability to house up to 8 channels per connector allows for higher channel counts in the same space requirements. Various plating options and an IP-68 rating also reinforce the rugged nature of MHC®-T2’s environmental and mechanical performance.
  • EASY AND MANAGEABLE INSTALLATIONS. The genderless mating or hermaphroditic design of the MHC®-T2 allows plugs and receptacles to be mated easily without regard to the gender. This design also allows two plugs to be mated together for end-to-end connections. In addition, features such as integrated pulling eyes, which assist in difficult cable pulls, make the MHC®-T2 an ideal choice for quick and easy installations.
  • TRULY EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY. Incorporating ceramic ferrule and alignment sleeve technology, the MHC®-T2 is extremely durable and maintains high standards of insertion loss performance. MHC®-T2 maintains its incredible dependability despite repeated matings during its lifetime and is easily field-maintainable if needed.
  • MULTITUDE OF CONFIGURATIONS TO MEET ANY APPLICATION NEED. Available in a variety of options, the MHC®-T2 can accommodate 2, 4, 6, and 8 fiber optic channel configurations. The 6- and 8-channel versions are able to accommodate both fiber and copper elements. The MHC®-T2 comes with a secure threaded mating interface for applications that require a quick connection. Whether installing an industrial network on the factory floor or deploying a broadcast system in a NASCAR racetrack, OCC’s MHC®-T2 is the natural choice. Its compact and rugged design, as well as its superior optical performance, provides a reliable solution to any network application.


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