MHC®-T3 Cable Assemblies

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OCC’s patented MHC®-T3 is the next generation in compact, high-density, fiber optic connectors. Utilizing environmentally protected MT ferrule technology, the MHC-T3 can deliver up to 48 fibers in a smaller footprint than traditional cylindrical connectors. Coupled with OCC’s proven hermaphroditic platform, MHC-T3 can effectively reduce installation times and ensure superior optical performance. With its variety of options and ruggedized features, OCC’s MHC-T3 delivers high-speed communications critical for today’s ever-increasing bandwidth requirements.


  • Network professional equipment (i.e. audio, data, or DMX)
  • Digital HD video transmissions using fiber optic
  • Future-proof installations designed to eliminate bandwidth limitations
  • Noise and EMI protection on audio or video (LED wall) applications
  • Deployable broadcast systems
  • Remote monitoring sites
  • Robotic arms and devices
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • RF over fiber optic
  • FTTA and small cell
  • Military applications


  • Installations that are simplified—reducing time, effort, and costs. By utilizing proven MT technology, termination of 12, 24, and 48 fibers with one connection drastically reduces installation times and the costs associated with those terminations. OCC’s hermaphroditic design easily allows MHC®-T3 connectors to be mated regardless of gender and offers seamless point-to-point connections. In addition, features such as an integrated pulling eye that assists with difficult cable pulls make the MHC®-T3 an ideal choice to ensure easy installations.
  • Ruggedized construction that provides reliable optical performance and trusted environmental and mechanical capabilities. The MHC®-T3’s all-metal shell construction ensures that connections can withstand wide temperature ranges and provide extreme impact resistance. An IP-68 rating reinforces the robust nature of the MHC®-T3 and keeps connector endfaces well protected against dirt, dust, and water. Additionally, when paired with OCC’s optimized cables, the MHC®-T3 provides a reliable solution for any harsh environment application.
  • A variety of options to meet any application. The MHC®-T3 provides greater flexibility when configuring communication systems. Available in single-mode angled polished, the MHC®-T3 can be provisioned in various hermaphroditic plug and receptacle options. Standard MHC®-T3 plugs and receptacles are a black anodized aluminum, however, they are also available with alternative plating and base materials to match the application, including nickel-teflon, marine brass, and stainless steel.


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