F-LINK™ Fiber Optic Termini and Electrical Contacts

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F-LINK™ fiber optic termini are designed to provide exceptional optical performance using 1.25mm ceramic ferrule technology while delivering cost effective solutions. F-LINK™ fiber optic termini are designed to the same mating plane as MIL-DTL-38999 electrical pin and socket contacts, thus enabling application of popular M39029 electrical contacts to be used in hybrid applications. This genderless termini design enables the inter-changeability of male/female insert caps between plug and receptacle bodies, allowing maximum flexibility at the fabrication level. The unique design of both fiber optic terminate and mating planes of the convertible pin and socket insert bodies enables the random placement of fiber optic termini or electrical contacts in any cavity of the base plug or receptacle. F-LINK™ fiber optic termini also feature a patented, cable strength member captivation mechanism, capable of high strength tether to military grade (M85045) simplex cables. The unique design of the F-LINK™ fiber optic termini establishes sealing surfaces within the insert body, insert cap and rear seal as an integral feature of the overall F-LINK™ system.


  • F-Link termini and electrical pin/socket contacts utilize 1.25mm ceramic ferrules
  • Patent-pending, thermal plastic features provide a scalable, cost-effective inter-connect solution
  • Electrical contacts are based on the same proven technology used in D38999 connectors
  • Insertion/extraction tools are common and cost effective


Part Number Description Type  
TP2042DD01 Termini, Fiber Optic, Genderless, Pin, 1.25mm Ceramic Ferrule, 126 µm Termini, fiber optic
UV164016AA Contact, Pin, Electrical, 16 #AWG Contact, electrical
UV164116AA Contact, Socket, Electrical, 16 #AWG Contact, electrical
PA35395-99-01 Crimp Sleeve, Brass, 0.114 O.D. Crimp sleeve
UV165016AA Contact, Pin, Electrical, 16# AWG, Long (ground) Contact, electrical

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