Forge Fan-Out™ Kit

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OCC’s Forge Fan-Out™ Kits are the ideal choice for terminating high density, small OD cables into multiple discrete terminations. The cable jacket can easily be stripped back and the fibers are inserted into the modular fiber fan-out insert pucks, each of which has furcation tubing pre-secured in the puck housing. Forge Fan-Out Kits may be purchased pre-installed as a finished cable assembly or may be purchased as an unassembled kit to be installed in your facilities.


  • Ideal for point-to-point cabling of multiple fiber strands for a variety of applications including Ethernet networks, audio production, and video production.
  • Provides the same convenience of termination as a breakout style cable, while maintaining the overall smaller outer diameter (OD) of a distribution style cable.
  • Equally suited for deployable, harsh environment, and permanent enterprise installations.


  • Forge Fan-Out Kits are available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 12-, or 24-fiber versions, with  2.0mm or 3.0mm OD configurations. Fan-out tubing is available in a variety of lengths, to fit best the customer’s application and environment.
  • Compact and light-weight design make the kits ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Outer polyurethane jacket on tubing provides an additional layer of protection and is both versatile and compatible with a broad range of OCC cable products.
  • Aramid yarn within inner tubing creates a strong physical connection with the inner fiber creating flexible strain relief and protects cable entry.
  • The polyurethane tubing is specifically designed to protect either 245µm bare fibers or 900µm tight-buffered fibers.
  • This tubing is both versatile and compatible with a broad range of OCC cable products. The 2-piece clamshell housing is designed to be easily and quickly installed while minimizing the risk of damaging the fibers during the installation process.
  • Tubing can be color-coded in yellow, orange, or aqua to indicate the fiber type inside; or can it be ordered with each tube having a unique color, per TIA color code, to aid in quick fiber identification.
  • Equally suited for deployable and harsh environment applications, and permanent enterprise installations. Tubing lengths of the fan-out kit custom built-to-suit your application and environment (standard lengths available).
  • The Forge Fan-Out kit has been designed with an easy-to-assemble two-piece clamshell design that is strong enough to withstand pressure to the fan-out without damaging the fibers inside. The cable strain relief is flexible and protects the cable entry better than other similar products. The cable is securely fastened inside the cable housing by crimping to the aramid yarns. This provides 120 lbs of cable retention force when crimped properly. Significantly reduces installation time by 25% over competitive alternatives. Tubing is specifically designed to increase flexibility and resist kinking when cable bend radius is exceeded.


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
FKS-A04C-36-MC 4F, Multi Color, 3mm, 1100um, 36 in Download n/a
FKS-A12C-36-MC 12F, Multi Color, 3mm, 1100um, 36 in Download n/a
FKS-A04C-48-YL 4F, Yellow, 3mm, 1100um, 48 in Download n/a
FKS-A12C-48-YL 12F, Yellow, 3mm, 1100um, 48 in Download n/a
FKS-A12C-48-MC 12F, Multi Color, 3mm, 1100um, 48 in Download n/a
FKM-B24C-48-YL 24F, Yellow, 3mm, 1100um, 48in Download n/a
FKS-A04C-36-YL 4F, Yellow, 3mm, 1100um, 36 in Download n/a
FKS-A12C-36-YL 12F, Yellow, 3mm, 1100um, 36 in Download n/a
FKM-B24C-36-MC 24F, Multi Color, 3mm, 1100um, 36 in Download n/a

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