HC & HD High-Density Fan-Out Kit

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The HC & HD High-Density Fan-Out Kit offers the ideal solution for terminating high density, small OD cables into multiple discrete terminations. Compatible with OCC’s HC-Series and HD-Series Cables - with 12-fibers or 12-fiber sub-cables and 2mm or 3mm subunits. This kit allows you to build up the 250μm fiber to 900μm furcation for more durable discrete terminations. Offering field termination of multi-fiber per tube, tight-buffered, loose-tube stranded, and micro-distribution cables.


  • With it's compact and light-weight design, the HC & HD High-Density Fan-Out Kit is ideally suited for indoor applications.
  • Data Centers
  • Demarcation Points
  • Local Area Networks (LAN)
  • Rack or Wall Mount Enclosures
  • Indoor Trunk Discrete Breakouts
  • Space Saving Applications where breakout can be directly terminated to sub-cables


  • Available in 12-fiber breakouts 24” tubing length.
  • Furcation tubing is specifically designed to protect 250µm tight-buffered fibers.
  • Furcation tubing is color-coded to correspond to the matching fiber inside to aid in quick fiber identification.
  • The HC & HD High-Density Fan-Out Kit is designed with an easy-to-assemble two-piece clamshell design that is strong enough to withstand pressure to the fan-out without damaging the fibers inside. The 2mm or 3mm cable, or subunit, is securely fastened inside the cable housing with crimping. Significantly reducing installation time by 25% over competitive alternatives.
  • The furcation tubing is specifically designed to increase flexibility and resist kinking when cable bend radius is exceeded, minimizing the risk of damage to the fibers during installation.
  • The kits are simple and easy to use, and don't require any special tools, they split out individual 250μm fibers into individual 900μm color-coded buffer tubes. The fiber can then be directly terminated, using industry standard connectors with 900μm boot."


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HCBK12-24900 Fan-Out Kit with buffered furcation tubing, 12-fibers Download n/a

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