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OCC’s new Expanded Beam Cable Assemblies provide proven reliability and optical performance for military and harsh environment applications. Available in 2- and 4-channel variations, the OCC Expanded Beam Assemblies utilize a unique termination process that simplifies ferrule alignment and makes field repairs and terminations much quicker. Its hermaphroditic design allows this connector to be easily mated without regard for male or female gender of the interfacing connector. And as a natural complement to OCC’s existing family of ruggedized connectors and cable assemblies, the Expanded Beam product line offers just another versatile option for fiber optic communications in adverse environments.


  • Ideal for reliable optical performance in challenging environments. OCC’s Expanded Beam connectors meet the physical and functional requirements of MIL-DTL-83526/20/21 and have been tested and proven to be intermateable with other connectors that conform to MIL-DTL-83526/20/21. They are capable of withstanding extreme environmental conditions in mated or unmated states. By utilizing lenses to expand and then collect the light beam, these connectors are less sensitive to dust particles, vibration and temperature changes. This increased durability and better reliability in adverse climates enables OCC’s Expanded Beam assemblies to allow more mating cycles, decrease signal deterioration and extend the overall product life cycle.
  • Easy maintenance and field repair. Using standard fiber optic termination tools, the OCC Expanded Beam connector family is factory terminated using industry standard epoxy and polishing techniques. This enables the polished ferrules to be easily removed from the Expanded Beam insert for connector re-use or repair. In the unlikely event that the insert should become damaged in service, it can be replaced quickly and simply without the need to re-terminate the fibers.
  • Hermaphroditic design enables uncomplicated connections. The genderless mating or hermaphroditic design of the Expanded Beam connector allows plugs and receptacles to be mated easily without regard to the gender. This design also allows two plugs to be mated together for end-to-end connections. These features make the Expanded Beam product line an ideal choice for military tactical communications, mining, deployable broadcast and other applications where quick connections are essential.
  • Versatile options for a full solution. OCC’s Expanded Beam offerings are a natural complement to the existing family of ruggedized and harsh environment components and assemblies OCC has to offer. Available in single-mode or multimode, 2- or 4-channels, the Expanded Beam cable assembly can be provisioned to suit a wide range of environments and applications. Coupled with OCC’s proven mil-tac and harsh environment fiber optic cable, as well as the diverse set of MARS Reels and accessories, the Expanded Beam product family provides a high-performing solution designed to take on the most demanding applications.


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