Xpress Ultra™ Cassette Cleaner

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The Xpress Ultra™ Cassette Cleaner wipes away contaminants from optical connector end face with ease. Just as with our previous products, the cleaning tape does not produce dust, and provides special cleaning strength while resisting foreign particles to mix into the tape. The main body also is made from anti-static material. The tape advance mechanism has been simplified, reducing the number of assembly parts to a minimum and resulting in cost reductions for both manufacturing and assembly.


  • Designed for all types of connectors
  • Compact size for easy hand held operations
  • Dry clean without the use of harmful substances
  • Cleaning micro fibers are densely stranded and debris free
  • Constructed with anti-static material
  • 400+ cleanings per unit


Part Number Description  
RFCCC Xpress Ultra™ Cassette Cleaner Disposable

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