Multimedia Design and Integration Specialist (MDIS) Program Overview

In today’s fast-paced environment, businesses rely on high-performance and dependable network infrastructures to keep their organizations moving and successful. They are trusting their organizational survival on product assurance and contractor confidence. OCC’s Multimedia Design and Integration Specialist (MDIS) Program offers installers and end users alike the assurance of a high-caliber structured cabling system built on distinct components and proven performance.

The MDIS program not only provides the highest quality product, it also guarantees that those products are being installed to OCC’s rigorous installation standards. By using an MDIS contractor/installer, the end user can be assured they are getting a system that is built to exceed expectations and deliver superior performance.

By participating in the MDIS program, the installer receives technical assistance, specification support and various resources for any application or project using OCC cable and connectivity products. It helps contractors of any size become an expert on OCC’s wide range of structured cabling components and provides the support and resources to help grow their own business. OCC’s MDIS program is designed for data com professionals committed to installing quality structured wiring solutions.

Benefits of Becoming an OCC MDIS Certified Installer

  • BICSI CEC-credited training covering current and emerging standards, installation best practices and techniques, testing and hands-on training for both copper and fiber installations
  • Ongoing training on new OCC products and technologies with some classes allowing additional BICSI CEC credits
  • Specification and submittal assistance including cross-reference guides and Division 27 templates
  • Technical support including CAD/BIM models, detailed product information, and installation/application trouble-shooting
  • Pre-release notification on new OCC products and solutions for the ability to offer them to customers before anyone else
  • Marketing assistance to promote your brand and the OCC brand through joint literature, website assistance, etc.
  • Extended system performance warranties to offer customers on installed cabling and connectivity components
  • Simplified warranty submittal process including direct upload access for easy file transfers
  • Exclusive on-line access to OCC white papers, presentations, and technical documentation

Participation in the OCC MDIS Program requires review of each installer’s credentials prior to them entering the program. After they are approved, installers must attend certification training conducted by an OCC technical representative.

5 Things to Consider

There are five things you should consider before your next installation to avoid down time and reduce your risk for costly mistakes.

  1. Know your Contractor
  2. Increase error-free work with trained technicians
  3. Ensure a quality installation with quality products
  4. Require a 25 year warranty for additional protection and coverage
  5. Request system testing results to ensure cabling system is properly functioning

Know your Contractor
A Copper/Fiber Optic installation is only as good as the product and the contractor you select. By choosing a manufacturer with a long and established reputation such as OCC you have eliminated risk. However, choosing an installer can be time consuming and difficult. Using one of OCC’s Preferred MDIS Installers assures that your installer has been specifically chosen as a preferred OCC partner. Utilizing our network of MDIS partners means less financial risk and a higher degree of satisfaction.

Increase error-free work with trained technicians
In most cases, improper installation is due to untrained or uncertified technicians. When hiring OCC MDIS trained technicians you will be certain that they have received the proper training which reduces the possibility of onsite errors. All MDIS preferred contractors have received training on Local Area Network (LAN) design and hands-on product training. All MDIS contractors are required to update their training every year; meaning your installer is up-to-date on current installation methods, testing procedures and product knowledge.

Ensure a quality installation with quality products
Any installation starts off with components that are designed and manufactured to perform well and provide easier installations. OCC has been at the forefront in developing cabling and connectivity components that ensure superior performance. Our history started with creating the industry’s first tight-buffered fiber optic cable that was robust enough to handle the toughest installs and easy to deploy. Today we not only develop products that enhance connectivity and networking, but also establish the test and measurement standards for the entire communications industry. By installing OCC products, you get quality products that will reduce your risk of network failure.

Require a 25-year warranty for additional network protection and coverage
An extended warranty helps protect you from unexpected repair bills and provides the peace of mind that comes along with the OCC- MDIS 25-year guarantee on its Fiber Optic and Copper Solutions. Our warranty is simple. If a component fails, we replace it – no questions asked. By taking advantage of this additional coverage, your network is ensured to continue operating at its highest performance.

Request system testing results to ensure cabling system is properly functioning
Fiber optic and copper testing of newly installed systems not only verifies that the system meets its design requirements, but also creates a performance baseline for all future testing and troubleshooting of that system to support the evaluation of warranty claims, should they ever arise. OCC requires that all Fiber Optic and Copper Cable systems installed by our MDIS Preferred Installers be tested to a minimum set of standards. This testing will ensure that all the cable was installed correctly and no signs of anything that may cause future problems. The result will be better and faster service to you. Furthermore, by requiring our MDIS Partners to supply a copy of your system’s bill-of-materials and design documents, we are able to quickly process potential claims to get your network back up and running once more.

For more information about becoming a certified OCC MDIS Installer, email our Program Manager.