OCC: Ready for Action

OCC understands innovation.  We continue to expand our solution offerings across all the industries we serve.  We provide products that exceed performance standards and while affording cost savings for our customers.

We understand the specific needs our customers have in: media and entertainment, healthcare, higher education, financial, Datacom, enterprise, and government.  OCC has responded by developing solutions that meet the demands for these industries.

OCC’s solutions focus on enhancing your operations, increasing productivity, and providing an optimal return on your investment.

  1. Fiber Management With OCC SMPTE Broadcast Enclosures
    1. OCC’s SMPTE Broadcast Enclosures allow you to terminate with fusion splicing, discrete connectors, or both – ALL within the same enclosure.
    2. Available in three separate depths – not one size fits all.
    3. No separate splice box required – OCC’s Broadcast Enclosures allow you to manage your fiber inside the enclosure with less fiber damage risk.
  1. OCC’s Fiber Splice Cassette, part of our OCC Enterprise Solution
    1. Compatible with any common fusion splicer.
    2. Designed with a removable adapter plate enabling splicing outside the cassette with ease.
    3. Offers a faster, easier installation experience with quick fiber routing into the cassette.
    4. Great for telecommunication closets, local and central area networks, central office hubs, remote terminals, distributed antenna systems (DAS), and data centers.
  1. OCC’s Copper Product Solutions
    1. As user demands surge and the number of connected devices grows, the performance of many copper-based networks become strained and incapable of handling future needs.
    2. 10G-capable, end-to-end Category 6A copper solution from OCC provides a backward-compatible solution that includes cabling, jacks, field terminable plugs, patch panels, face plates, and patch cords.
    3. OCC engineers will ensure that our custom configured products meet or exceed performance requirements for your network well into the future.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how OCC’s solutions exceed performance standards and enhance your bottom line.  Please contact us to to connect with an OCC Business Development Manager to get started.