Making Category 6A Connections Simple

With the exceedingly prevalent use of data, the growth of wireless access points, IP-enabled devices and building automation systems has jumped exponentially.  Cameras and other security equipment are now being connected to the network as these devices move from analog to digital or Ethernet based.

This growth has created a need to change the way typical horizontal links and channels are configured for these applications. Devices such as wireless access points mounted in non-traditional locations (in the ceiling or high up on the wall) are not attached to the network using standard faceplate, jack and patch cord configurations.  The traditional method is being replaced with direct attachment where the horizontal cable is terminated with a field installable plug and then plugged directly into the equipment.

Currently, installers in the field are utilizing modular plugs that are intended for patch cord construction to terminate Cat5e and Cat6 horizontal cabling. This practice is difficult, time consuming, yields unpredictable performance results and is not recommended by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) 568 standards. Also, these plugs do not accommodate the larger conductors utilized in Cat6A cabling. The increasing data rates of wireless access points and other devices now require a Cat6A cabling link to support 10G Ethernet.

While the TIA-568 communications cabling standard does not currently support direct attach links, the growing demand for field installable plugs has many industry standards such as TIA-862-A, Building Automation Systems Cabling Standard looking to recognize the direct attach method of termination.   However, the need for a robust, easy to install field terminable plug for this market segment that provides true performance is imperative.

OCC’s Cat6A Field Terminable Plug

OCC has addressed this need with the introduction of a Category 6A Field Terminable Plug.   With OCC’s new plug, terminations are simple and require no specialized tools.  They support high-performance 10 Gigabit networks and meet the TIA-568-C.2 Category 6A component performance requirements.  In addition, they are supported by OCC’s 25-year MDIS Direct Attach System Performance Warranty when used as an end-to-end OCC copper cabling solution.

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