Introducing OCC's Newest Star

OCC is providing data center solutions and products that allow for working smarter, not harder.

We learned what customers want, what works — and what doesn't — and put that knowledge to work developing our next generation of products.

The result is:

  • High density in smaller spaces
  • Easy installations
  • Ability to make adds and changes with little downtime
  • Integrated cable management features
  • Unfettered access to individual ports
  • Improved reliability (from better circulation of air)
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime (from easier access)
  • Greater capacity with an equal or smaller footprint than competitors (greater profitability – more bang for the buck)
  • Future proofed – (fiber) can configure for 10G now but can easily replace one cassette at a time for 40/100G applications as needs arise and budget allows it

Learn more about Procyon

Procyon Infrastructure Procyon Copper Panel Procyon Fiber Panel Procyon HC Cable Procyon LC Cassette Procyon MTP Cassette

Procyon Infrastructure
(PDF, 530kb)

Copper Panel
(PDF, 202kb)

Fiber Panel
(PDF, 320kb)

HC Cable
(PDF, 197kb)

LC Cassette
(PDF, 340kb)

MTP Cassette
(PDF, 326kb)