Why choose OCC for fiber and copper product solutions?

Recently several OCC employees, customers and others were involved in a rather lengthy discussion on LinkedIn regarding the pros and cons of various structured cabling products among the different manufacturers. That conversation lead to our own internal discussions on why we are so proud to stand behind the products we offer, and ultimately, this blog post.

When looking for fiscally competitive products that also technically stack up in the industry, you don’t have to look any further than OCC.  While industry professionals often tend to favor one manufacturer over another when discussing who has the best copper and fiber products out there (ourselves included!),  OCC is confident in the products we sell and firmly believe that customers should let the tester do its job to tell them which products truly do perform the best.

OCC has a proven record of making quality products and offering similar 25 year product and performance warranties. In addition to being a leader in fiber optic cables, OCC has acquired numerous companies over the past few years that allow us to offer a wide variety of products including fiber optic cable and enterprise connectivity, as well as products for harsh environment applications; ultimately making us the ideal choice for a full solution provider within the industry.

With nearly 30 years of experience under our belts, OCC can offer customers reliable, high-quality products that not only outperform our competitors, but can also be offered to our customers at very competitive prices.  Still asking why you should choose OCC for your fiber and copper needs?  Let the tester do the work for you and see how OCC cable stacks up to all the rest!