CX-Series – Deployable Hybrid Fiber Cables

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION
  • Used in outdoor applications that require both optical fiber and copper wire elements for communication and power
  • Copper wire can power remote electronics used in fiber optic communications
  • Copper wire can also be used for low data rate data transmission
  • Deployable cables have been used in network and private broadcast applications around the world
  • Cables can be designed for your custom applications
  • Designed for use with United States National Electric Code (NEC) class 2 power sources


  • Includes both fiber optic subunits and copper, individually jacketed wire
  • Fiber optic subunits both protect the optical fiber and provide aramid yarn to strain relieve the optical fibers when individual connectors are used
  • The individual copper wire is rated to 600V
  • Up to 4 copper wires are standard
  • Standard copper wire used includes high-strand-count wire for greater cable flexibility
  • Standard wire gauges range from 18 to 12 AWG
  • Additional aramid yarn included around the cable core for strain-relief in multi-element connectors such as F-LINK
  • Polyurethane jacket materials provide a rugged jacket and provide flexibility to the cable
  • C, V and G jacket materials are available for use
  • Polyurethane jackets are chemical resistant
  • Water, fungus and UV resistant for extreme environments
  • The customer is responsible for ensuring the compliance with all local and national safety and electrical code during use
  • Appropriate electrical safety protection is required whenever the copper wire is energized


* Many combinations of optical fiber and wires can be manufactured to your specific requirements. Please contact Optical Cable Corporation for a price quote and specifications for the Composite Fiber/Copper Cable design that meets all your special application requirements.

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