MARS® T-Frame

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION
  • Design allows for disassembly into five components for easy shipping and storage
  • Pin latches are tethered to base and lock into place
  • Integrated brake adjusts the drag applied to the reel. Prevents overspin
  • Integrated crank handle allows easy acquisition of cable
  • The axle on the AAR base can also be used for reel storage or deployment
  • Curved upper handle bar allows for easy management and deployment


  • Mobile Emergency Telecommunications Stations
  • Mobile Tactical Shelters
  • United States Army, Navy, and Marine Corps Military Tactical Deployments
  • Broadcast
  • Emergency Restoration and Deployable Communications


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
ABF-0750-Y T-frame with brake, for 750M reel n/a n/a
ABF-1000-Y T-frame with brake for 1000M reel n/a n/a
ARA-0750-Y T-frame without brake for 750M reel n/a n/a
ARA-1000-Y T-frame without brake for 1000M reel n/a n/a

Replace "Y" with color code: B = black, G = green, T = desert tan.

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