MSDE RF Video Modules (For RF Transparent Enclosures)

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

MSDE RF Video Modules provide the capability to distribute RF broadband video, such as cable TV to multiple locations throughout a residence and are bidirectional to support DOCSIS cable modem/set-top box applications. MSDE MODP-Vx video modules feature a robust metal case and easily mount to MSDE15P/30P enclosures using plastic push-pin fasteners.


  • 5 - 1000 MHZ Bandwidth
  • F-Style Connectors
  • Vertical Mounting Eliminates Cable Stress * MODP Video Modules (Ex. MODP-Vx) Feature Black Metal Case with Push-Pin Fasteners for Quick and Easy Mounting to MSDE15P and MSDE30P Enclosures


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
MODP-V4 RF Video Distribution Module, 1x4, 1GHz (Plastic MSDE) Download Download
MODP-V6 RF Video Distribution Module, 1x6, 1GHz (Plastic MSDE) Download Download

Instruction Sheets

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