Slimline-Plenum Hybrid Cables

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Offering the robust protection you expect from OCC, these small diameter hybrid cables are thinner, lighter, and more flexible than other hybrid cables on the market. Perfect for Passive Optical LAN installations, the Slimline-Plenum Hybrid can also offer additional protection in high-traffic indoor applications.


  • Specifically designed for Passive Optical LAN installations that utilize a centralized power supply to power end terminals (ONTs).
  • Two copper wires provide power from a centralized power supply to POL ONTs while single-mode fiber optic elements provide bi-directional data paths through the cable.
  • One single-mode fiber required for POL use; two single-mode fibers alow redundant paths or an in-situ spare fiber.
  • Hybrid fiber/copper cables are intended for use on Class 2 power-limited circuits as described in Article 725 of the National Electrical Code.


  • Various combinations of copper conductors and optical fibers in a single hybrid cable.
  • Plenum-rated construction, perfect for use above suspended ceilings in offices and hotels.
  • 16, 18, 20, or 22 AWG wires available. Class-2 power limited, 300V rated wire insulation.
  • All single-mode fiber types available: G.652.D (SLX), G.657.A1 (SLA), G.657.A2 (SLB), and G.657.B3 (SLC).
  • Choice of 900μm buffered fibers or 900μm buffered fibers inside 2.0mm subunits. The subunits contain aramid yarn for a more robust strain relief when terminating the fiber into a connector and provide added protection in high-traffic indoor applications.
  • Ultra-Fox™ tight-buffered fiber.


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Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
CA003SPCA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CA003SPDA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CA004SPCA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CA004SPDA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CE003SPCA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CE003SPDA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CE004SPCA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
CE004SPDA9YPSlimline-Plenum Hybrid Download n/a
*Other configurations are available

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