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OptiReel cable box saves installers time. OptiReel is a self-contained payout box to facilitate storage, handling and pulling of cables. The packaging greatly reduces set-up time for each pull. Therefore, the box is ideally suited for cable pulls through building duct systems, walls and ceilings where multiple cables may be pulled together and many relatively short runs need to be installed.

OptiReel cable boxes can be easily stacked and staged together with other types of data cables for faster installations. The compact boxes contain an internal reel so that cable stands do not have to be used. Cables in the boxes are marked with decreasing length markings, so that the installer always knows the length of the remaining cable in the box.

OptiReel cable packaging is available for OCC's simplex and duplex A-Series and D-Series types of cables, either riser-rated or plenum-rated, with 62.5/125, 50/125, or single-mode fibers.


  • OptiReel cable box saves installers time
  • Cable reel features adjustable tension control for cable payout adjustments
  • Always know remaining cable length with AT-A-GLANCE decreasing cable length markings
  • Faster installation for multiple fiber optic cable drops
  • Easy cable handling and storage, and excellent protection at job sites
  • Available in popular fiber types and up to 12-fiber cables
  • Can be stacked with other boxes containing data cables
  • Contains optimum performance fiber optic cable
Cable Type Cable Length (ft) Total Weight (lbs) Box Type
AX001 3,000 18 16" x16" x16"
AX002 1,500 19 16" x16" x16"
DX002 2,000 40 16" x16" x16"
DX004 1,500 40 16" x16" x16"
DX006 1,500 42 16" x16" x16"
DX008 1,000 35 16" x16" x16"
DX012 1,000 40 16" x16" x16"


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