RC2U Broadcast SMPTE Enclosures

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OCC’s patented-designed RC2U Broadcast Enclosures are highly configurable and designed to terminate SMPTE 311 and other commonly used connections on both the front and back panel. There is a unique reversible front panel, the panel can angle inward to buy precious space in front of the panel (for example, when the rack has a door above it that must close).

Standard Chassis (xL), Mid-Size Chassis (xM), and JBT Chassis (x0) sizes available designed to accommodate all enclosures used in the market today. Cable gland sizes are available in A: 06.35-012.00MM or B: 012.00-016.5MM. Also available for any OCC snap-in adapter plate accommodating SC/LC/ST/FC connectivity.


  • Fully Modular Design
  • Ground is Fully Isolated
  • Triax Knock Outs
  • Available with up to 8 Connector Ports on the front and 8 Cable Glands on Rear (Multiple Cable Gland sizes Available)
  • Constructed of 16-Gauge Steel with a Black Finish
  • Front Panel Available with LEMO, Neutrik (D-Series), and Triax
  • Offers Three Ways to Terminate - Discrete Connectors Only, Splicing Only, or Both. All Within The Same Enclosure
  • Removable Front Panel
  • Also Available for Any OCC Snap-In Adapter Plate Accommodating SC/LC/ST/FC Connectivity
  • May be Ordered Pre-Terminated for Plug-and-Play Operability
  • Isolation Plates are Available for SMPTE 304M Standard Hybrid Connectivity, D-Series (XLR Footprint) Connectivity. Other Connectivity Options Available Such as Canare/LEMO SMPTE, as well as Neutrik Opticon Duo, and Quad
  • Power Connector Options Available: AMP/TYCO Plug or Receptacle, or Blunt


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
RC2Ux0 RC2U Broadcast SMPTE Enclosure, JBT-Size Download n/a
RC2UxM RC2U Broadcast SMPTE Enclosure, Mid-Size Download n/a
RC2UxL RC2U Broadcast SMPTE Enclosure, Standard-Size Download n/a
RC2U8LLPILCSPP66A RC2U Broadcast SMPTE Enclosure, Standard Chassis, 8-Port, LEMO Plug, Front Panel Facing In, LC Connector with Splice Tray, Plug, 6 Front Connectors, 6 Cable Glands, 06.35MM-012.00MM Cable Gland Size. (Sample part configuration) Download n/a

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