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The dramatic growth of high-bandwidth wireless access points and other IP-enabled devices, such as surveillance cameras and building automation equipment has resulted in an increasing number of direct attach links using field terminable plugs. The use of direct attach cable assemblies for switch to server interconnects in the data center is also expanding. This growth has created a need to change the way typical horizontal links and channels are configured for these applications. Devices such as wireless access points mounted in non-traditional locations (in the ceiling or high up on the wall) are not attached to the network using a standard faceplate, jack and patch cord configuration. The traditional method is being replaced with direct attachment where the horizontal cable is terminated with a field installable plug and then inserted directly into the equipment. Commonly used test methods for traditional links and channels may mask the true performance of a field terminated plug.

Through our participation in the telecommunications industry standards development, OCC continues to be the sole provider of test fixtures required for laboratory and field testing. Continuing in this tradition, OCC offers proven procedures and provides verified field plug test adapters to facilitate testing and to ensure accurate performance data.

In addition to a high-performance Cat6A Field Terminable Plug, OCC introduces Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A Field Plug Test Adapters to provide installers in the field the capability to accurately measure the true performance of direct attach links.


  • Wireless Access Points
  • IP Security Cameras
  • IP Access Control
  • IP Audio
  • Building Automation Devices
  • Data Center Direct Attach Cable Assemblies
  • Transition Cables


  • Individually center tuned for the appropriate standard’s category ensures maximum accuracy
  • Can be utilized with any field terminable plug
  • Recognized for OCC Direct Attach MDIS 25-year System Extended Performance Warranty
  • Direct Attach


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
FPTAC6AKS Category 6A Field Plug Test Adapter, White Download Download
FPTAC6KS Category 6 Field Plug Test Adapter, Blue Download Download
FPTAC5EKS Category 5e Field Plug Test Adapter, Yellow Download Download

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