Passive Optical LAN Pre-Terminated Assemblies

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

When looking to install a passive optical network with reliable technology, look no further than OCC’s newly developed POL Solution. POL systems afford substantial improvements in energy savings and are more environmentally friendly than many traditional cabling infrastructures. As a leader in fiber optic infrastructure, OCC provides a complete system with intuitive components that make installation nearly effortless. With OCC’s legendary ruggedness, this system will last through years of use and is ready for future upgrades.


  • A complete system that integrates with other POL and structured cabling components. OCC offers flexible options based on application needs and infrastructure requirements. In addition, OCC’s POL Solution integrates seamlessly with all our structured cabling fiber optic components.
  • Components that allow for effortless installations. As with other OCC products, our components are easy to install and manage. A retraction mechanism for ceiling/floor mount enclosures enables easy access to bulkhead for adapter/cassette placement, cable routing and cross connecting. Recessed hinges create a seamless appearance in drop ceilings.
  • System components that are rugged, but ready for upgrades. OCC is known for our tough components, and our POL Solutions are no different. Our standard simplex cables are renowned for providing significant mechanical and environmental performance over our competitors with greater pull strength, greater impact and crush resistance and truly bend-insensitive fibers. And if the application calls for the toughest cable on the market, OCC has a cable for that, too. The POL connectivity components are founded on the rugged RTC enclosures and are the most resilient in the market.


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
MT06DXRF8TK-XXXX Fiber cable, 6-fiber, SM, MTP/MTP, riser {uses cable part #DX006DSLA2YR (ES2 only)} n/a n/a
MT06DXPF8TK-XXXX Fiber cable, 6-fiber, SM, MTP/MTP, plenum {uses cable part #DX006SSLA2YP (ES2 only)} n/a n/a
MT12DXRF8TK-XXXX Fiber cable, 12-fiber, SM, MTP/MTP, riser {uses cable part #DX012DSLA2YR (ES2 only)} n/a n/a
MT12DXPF8TK-XXXX Fiber cable, 12-fiber, SM, MTP/MTP, plenum {uses cable part #DX012SSLA2YP (ES2 only)} n/a n/a
S8SCAPC-SCAPC-XXXX Fiber cable, 1-fiber, SM, SC/APC to SC/APC, riser (uses cable part #AX001DSLA9YR) n/a n/a
S8PSCAPC-SCAPC-XXXX Fiber cable, 1-fiber, SM, SC/APC to SC/APC, plenum (uses cable part #AX001SSLA9YP) n/a n/a
*Replace XXXX with length in feet

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