Passive Optical LAN Faceplates

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

When looking to install a passive optical network with reliable technology, look no further than OCC’s newly developed POL Solution. POL systems afford substantial improvements in energy savings, and are more environmentally friendly than many traditional cabling infrastructures. OCC provides a complete system with intuitive components that make installation nearly effortless.


  • Faceplates accepts KMJ-style fiber or copper jacks/adapters
  • Angled faceplates to minimize damage to connector and reduce space
  • Shuttered SC/APC fiber adapters protect fiber interface when not connected
  • 2-conductor pass-thru insert for ONT remote power


Download Drawing(s)
Part Number Description PDF DWG/ZIP  
FPSK01A12 Faceplate, 1-port, angled, bright white Download Download
FPSK02A12 Faceplate, 2-port, angled, bright white Download Download
AKSCAPC01 Faceplate adapter, SC/APC Download Download
AKSCAPCS04 Faceplate adapter, SC/APC, shuttered, Green Download Download
FPSK01ASCA12 Faceplate kit w/ SC insert, 1-port, angled, bright white Download Download
FPSK01ASCAS12 Faceplate kit w/ SC shuttered insert, 1-port, bright white Download Download
AKDCPT12 KMJ adapter 2-conductor pass-thru Download Download

Instruction Sheets

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