MSDE Data Modules

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

OCC's Residential Data Modules allow for the termination of high-speed data service to multiple locations. These modules provide exceptional performance using OCC's patented circuit board technology for true Category 5e or Cat6 compliance. In addition to high-speed internet distribution, the Data Modules can also be used in conjunction with a PBX system using the cross-connect module (HAX-TB6P).


  • 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
  • 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
  • 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • Broadband Video
  • 100 Mbps TP-PMD
  • 4/16 Mbps Token Ring
  • 270 Mbps digital video
  • 155/622 Mbps ATM
  • Voice


  • 110-style connector termination style for easy installations
  • Color-coded blue for module recognition
  • Easily fits into any MSDE 3-position bracket
  • Push pin mounting


Download Drawing(s)
Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
MOD-DB4Data Module, Cat 5e, 568B Wired, 4-port Download Download
MOD-DB5Data Module, Cat 5e, 568B Wired, 5-port Download Download
MOD-DB6Data Module, Cat 5e, 568B Wired, 6-port Download Download
MOD-DB7Data Module, Cat 5e, 568B Wired, 7-port Download Download
MOD-DB8Data Module, Cat 5e, 568B Wired, 8-port Download Download
MOD6-DB6Data Module, Cat 6, 568B Wired, 6-port Download Download

Instruction Sheets

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