KMJ Commercial Faceplates

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

OCC’s Keystone faceplates are available in multiple port configurations and accommodate all OCC KMJ jacks and inserts for maximum versatility in the work area.


  • Keystone commercial-grade faceplates accept any KMJ-style jack or adapter
  • ID windows include write-on labels and plastic protective covers
  • Slotted mounting holes simplify installation
  • Available in most popular colors


Download Drawing(s)
Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
FPSK01xxSingle gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 1-port Download Download
FPSK02xxSingle gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 2-port Download Download
FPSK03xxSingle gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 3-port Download Download
FPSK04xxSingle gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 4-port Download Download
FPSK06xxSingle gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 6-port Download Download
DPSK06xxDouble gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 6-port Download Download
DPSK12xxDouble gang commercial faceplate, KMJ, 12-port Download Download
FPSK01AxxSingle gang commercial faceplate, angled KMJ, 1-port Download Download
FPSK04AxxSingle gang commercial faceplate, angled KMJ, 4-port Download Download
DPSK08AxxDouble gang commercial faceplate, angled KMJ, 8-port Download Download
* Replace "xx" with color choice: 00 = Electrical Ivory, 01 = Office White, 07 = White or 12 = Bright White

Instruction Sheets

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