Category 6A – Modular Patch Cords

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

To complete the link, OCC created Category 6A modular cords with guaranteed Cat 6A compliance that offer superior PSANEXT performance suitable for mitigation of alien cross-talk. These modular cords also improve the external noise immunity of structured communications cabling systems and EMI suppression through shielded cabling and plug design. Overall, OCC's Cat 6A patch cords assist in creating a complete 10 Gigabit throughput system that can be relied upon for years to come.


  • Guaranteed ISO and TIA Category 6A compliant
  • 100% component performance tested
  • Backward compatible with Category 3, 5e and 6
  • Superior PSANEXT performance
  • Superior PSAACR-F performance
  • Superior EMI suppression
  • Improves the external noise immunity of structured cabling systems
  • LS0H or PVC cable construction
  • Utilizes OCC’s patented modular plug design
  • Supports all IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE) standards
  • Insulation resistance: 500 MΩ minimum
  • Dielectric withstand: 1000 VAC RMS or 1414 VDC
  • DC current rating: 1.5 A per conductor at 20°C ambient de-rated to 0.75 A at 60°C ambient
  • Center-tuned modular plugs
  • Slimline strain-relief boot
  • Snagless design


Download Drawing(s)
Part NumberDescriptionPDFDWG/ZIP 
PC6AU-B-xxxyCategory 6A patch cord, UTP, PVC, with boot, UL listed Download Download
PC6AS-B-xxyyCategory 6A patch cord, shielded, with boot UL listed, PVC Download Download
IPC6AxxxByyCategory 6A, patch cord with boot, UTP, PVC n/a n/a
ISPC6AxxxByyLZHCategory 6A, patch cord with boot, shielded, LSZH n/a n/a
IPC6AxxxByyLZHCategory 6A, patch cord with boot, UTP, LSZH n/a n/a
ISPC6AxxxByyCategory 6A patch cord with boot, shielded, PVC n/a n/a
*Replace "xx" with length in feet; replace "yy" with color code – 06 gray (standard) UL Listed CCA File E137579 ** Ex: = PC6AS-B-0306 - Category 6A patch cord, 3 feet, with boot, gray (standard). Additional colors available, Contact OCC for ordering information.

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