Fiber Zone Distribution Enclosure

Installation zone RECOMMENDATION

OCC's new ZDMB6B offers a compact and reliable patch and splice fiber optic enclosure ideal for:

  • Telecommunication rooms, enclosures & cabinets
  • Traffic control and industrial cabinets
  • Indoor wall mount applications
  • Zone distribution applications
  • Any small space where real estate for cross-connect applications is a premium

This small enclosure accepts all OCC fiber optic adapter plates and provides splicing options for up to 12 fibers.  The ZDMB6B is an affordable solution that provides easy installations and customizable configurations.


  • Ideal for deployment in various locations to support multiple mini-zones
  • Ex. Accommodates PONCMTP12SCAPC  cassette to breakout 12-fiber trunk cable to simplex ports to support up to (12) ONTs in a mini-zone.
  • Accommodates (1) 600-series adapter plate or cassettes module
  • Can be used for splicing or patching applications
  • Front door includes hasp for optional padlock
  • 9.5”W x 7”H x 1.54”D


  • Cost-effective for small fiber optic applications
  • Can be used for both splicing and patching applications
  • Cable entry grommets help protect fiber optic cable from dust and debris
  • Fiber management clips are included for fiber storage
  • MTP compatible for zone applications
  • Lockable for secure access
  • Low-profile design is less than 2", including the plunger and lock tab
  • Accepts one OCC fiber optic adapter plate


Download Drawing
Part NumberDescriptionDimensionsLoad RatingRUShip WeightPDFDWG/ZIP 
ZDMB6BZone Distribution Enclosure, 6-port (empty)7"W x 6"H x 1.92"Dnana6 lbs Download Download
ZDMB-SBZone Distribution Enclosure, Includes (1) Blank Adapter Plate and (1) Splice Holder Installed7"W x 6"H x 1.92"D--6 lbs Download Download

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