New RTC/RTS Accessories

To compliment OCC's newly redesigned RTC and RTS fiber optic enclosures, OCC offers user-friendly rack mount splice kits and cable management accessories created for easy installations and convenient cable routing.


  • All splice tray kits are injection-molded and have hinged, clear plastic covers for fiber visibility and maximum protection
  • Tabs along the tray's side allow for easy fiber routing
  • All splice tray kits include felt strips and cable ties for securing and strain relieving buffered fibers and come with accessories for adapting trays into OCC cabinets
  • New modular strain relief brackets offer external cable management that reduces fiber stress and provides support for proper cable bends and efficient cable management
  • Fiber hoops are stackable and allow for greater segregation of incoming fiber cables
  • Fiber retention teeth on the cable hoops retain the fiber within the hoop simplifying cable management during installation